About us.

Corylus Horticulture C.I.C was formed in June 2018. It is a social enterprise set up by Ed McCardy, who has nearly 20 years experience in the horticultural industry and who is passionate about inspiring young people to get involved in the many aspects of horticulture.

We have a garden maintenance and landscaping business and in the early stages of setting up a plant nursery. We use the profits from our business along with external funding to carry out growing projects within our local community ensuring long term sustainability and growth.

Corylus is committed to putting environmental needs foremost in all its growing and gardening projects, sourcing local materials where ever possible. We follow organic gardening principles and believe that every garden should be a haven for nature and yourself.

We would like to make accessible to all inner city children the opportunity to grow edible plants at nursery and school. To show them that even in the urban environment the integration of plants and food production is possible. Inspiring in them a love for plants, nutrition and the environment.

Through these interactions with children we intend to introduce ideas of healthy eating, food provenance, local environmental issues, global environmental issues, plant health, plant physiology, soil health, team work and cooperation.

We can do this with as little or as much involvement as the project needs designing a programme to suit.